How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep When Your Partner Snores

August 8, 2018

Moving to separate bedrooms is not usually the way to a happy relationship or good health when one of you snores. Follow these tips to address the problem:

  1. Roll them over – Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat, often causing the snoring sound.
  2. Change Your Pillows – Changing your pillows to elevate the head can help to reduce snoring. Fluffing them can eliminate dust or allergens they may have collected.
  3. Avoid Alcohol Before Bed – Alcohol can relax muscles too much, causing the tongue to fall backwards into the airway, causing a snoring sound.
  4. Suggest a Visit to the Dentist – Your dentist can recommend anti-snore technology that is both comfortable and effective.

Snoring doesn’t have to be your lifelong fate, and neither does sleeping alone! Contact us today for a consultation with your dentist.